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Hudson Silk Knitted Tie in Purple

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Size: One Size

ⓘ 6 centimetre blade The model is 6'1 tall and wears a 40R or Medium or 15.5 collar.

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The versatile knit tie adds an element of texture to an outfit, softening a formal look or smartening up a casual outfit. Impeccably crafted in the Lake Como region of Italy, famous throughout the world for its silk products, our ties are a modern and stylish 6cm width with a textured design and a square tip to perfectly compliment our lightly constructed suits and blazers. Great for traveling, knitted ties are wrinkle-resistant and resist creasing. Allow the back blade of the knit tie to fall behind the front, allowing both ends to hang loose and separately, to create the 'sprezzatura' effect, meaning  'studied nonchalance'. Alternatively, use the brand label to neatly hold the back blade in place for a more formal look. This tone of color is the perfect mid-blue for all Spring tones.

    Knitted necktie

    Square tip

    Grosgrain panel in the center to maintain shape and structure

    Size & Fit

    6 centimetre blade

    Details & Care

    Made in Italy

    Fabric: Silk

    Composition: 100% Silk

    Color: Purple

    Model: Hudson

    Style # V222502

    Care: Dry Clean Only. Fold or roll when not in use

    Product information

    Blazers and Suit Jackets


    Lay the blazer flat surface with the front facing down and make sure its flattened. Place the tape measure across the back to determine the distance between the point of the shoulders (the point of the shoulder is the meeting point between the seam of the shoulders and the armhole).


    Lay the blazer on a flat surface with the front facing down and make sure it is properly flattened. Place the tape measure as to determine the distance between the bottom seam of the collar and the bottom of the blazer.

    Tailored jackets can be ordered in 'Short', 'Long', and 'Regular' sizes to accommodate men of all different heights. 

    Height recommendations; Short 5'4"-5'7" feet, Regular 5'8"-6'2" feet, Long 6'2 1/2"-6'5" feet.


    Lay the blazer on a flat surface on its side fully opened, Place the tape measure from the front edge at the first buttonhole to the back center seam.

    US SIZE FIT CHEST (inches) HEIGHT (feet)
    36S Short 36-37 5'4"-5'7"
    36R Regular 36-37 5'8"-6'2"
    38S Short 37-39 5'4"-5'7"
    38R Regular 37-39 5'8"-6'2"
    40S Short 40-42 5'4"-5'7"
    40R Regular 40-42 5'8"-6'2"
    40L Long 40-42 6'2 1/2"-6'5"
    42S Short 42-43 5'4"-5'7"
    42R Regular 42-43 5'8"-6'2"
    42L Long 42-43 6'2 1/2"-6'5"
    44S Short 44-45 5'4"-5'7"
    44R Regular 44-45 5'8"-6'2"
    44L Long 44-45 6'2 1/2"-6'5"
    46S Short 46-48 5'4"-5'7"
    46R Regular 46-48 5'8"-6'2"
    46L Long 46-48 6'2 1/2"-6'5"
    48S Short 46-48 5'4"-5'7"
    48R Regular 48-49 5'8"-6'2"
    48L Long 48-49 6'2 1/2"-6'5"


    Modern Fit Esprit / Engel / Ernest / Essence / Edison / Elon / Elwood / Erie / Ethan / Concord Higher armhole, comfortable fit in chest and shoulders. Slightly tapered waistline.
    Contemporary Fit Darwin / David / Dean / Hampton / Hartford / Hill / Quinn / Queens / Irving / Midland / Mortan / Marcus / Myles / Marco / Montana / Morgan / Madison / McAllen Slightly shorter jacket length. Contemporary trim fit.

    Trousers, Pants and Shorts

    All ready-to-wear trousers come with a finished 34" inch Inseam. All Suits including trousers and trouser separates come with a unfinished 6" inch drop, requiring alteration. 

    US SIZE WAIST (in's)
    30R 30
    32R 32
    33R 33
    34R 34
    35R 35
    36R 36
    38R 38
    40R 40


    Sport shirts, Crew Necks, Polos, Sweaters and Outerwear Jackets

    XS 36 30-31 13.5"-14.5"
    S 38 32-33 14.5"-15.5"
    M 40 34-35 15.5"-15.5"
    L 42 36-37 15.5"-16"
    XL 44 38-39 16"-17"
    XXL 46 40-42 17"-18"
    XXXL 48 43-45 18"-19"


    Dress Shirts

    NECK SIZE NECK (in's) SLEEVE (in's)
    15 15"-15.5" 34.5-35
    15.5 15.5"-16" 35-35.5
    16 16"-16.5" 35.5-36
    16.5 16.5"-17" 36-36.5
    17 17"-17.5" 36.5-37
    17.5 17.5"-18" 37-37.5
    18 18"-18.5" 37.5-38
    Image of Cashmere Plain Throw in Black-Jack Victor

    Elevated Modern Style

    Jack Victor curates modern and enduring men’s fashion, adapted to today's lifestyle. Combining the finest fabrics and yarns with high craftsmanship, the brand offers timeless pieces that  reflect a contemporary menswear approach. The brand’s updated, refined and sophisticated style empowers our customers and serves as a positive force for the formal and casual moments of their lives.