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The Jack Victor Foundation

The Jack Victor Foundation was established in Montreal by Herschel Victor in 1982, and is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. Over the course of his career, Mr. Victor was a strong believer in  giving back to his local community. It was this generous spirit that motivated him to establish the Foundation, and in 1999  he was honored by the Canadian government with the Order of Canada, specifically for his philanthropic activity. ​

As the first member of his family to graduate from university in 1944, Herschel Victor greatly valued education and considered it a critical element for a better life and future success. He talked often about his experiences earning a Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University, and expressed gratitude for the knowledge and skills he had acquired. Education-related projects have therefore been a priority for the Foundation. Mr. Victor also said frequently that “the greatest gift you can receive is good health”, so he had an intense interest in medical research and health care initiatives. All three of these areas became the priorities that he directed the Foundation to support. By devoting  attention to these causes, he believed he could have the greatest positive impact on the lives of his fellow citizens.

Herschel Victor (l) receiving the Order of Canada

The Victor family through the Foundation continues to support important charitable work in these and other fields, lead now by Alan Victor, CEO of Jack Victor Limited, together with a small number of immediate family members.