Jack Victor Men's Formalwear and Wedding Style Guide
What to wear on the big day

Wedding Style Guide

What is the dress code?

When planning an outfit for a wedding the first thing you need to know is the dress code. The three most common are Black-Tie, Formal and Cocktail.


This is the most formal dress code. Black-tie weddings usually occur in the evening and require men to wear a tuxedo. A black bow tie and patent leather shoes are also suggested. For summer weddings a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers are also acceptable.


Slightly less formal than black-tie, men have the option of wearing a tuxedo, or they can wear a formal dark suit, white shirt and conservative tie.


The least formal common wedding dress code, cocktail attire is a particularly popular dress code choice for summer weddings and outdoor celebrations. It is a balance between elegant and comfortable, and allows increased flexibility to display personal style. Men are encourage to wear a shirt and tie, but have the option to pair them with a suit or a blazer with trousers. In cooler weather an elegant knit can replace the shirt and tie.